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Waterfowl Carvings/Decoys

I have been carving decorative waterfowl decoys since the early 1980s. My birds have won awards at several national and regional shows and have been featured at three fine art galleries in the Milwaukee area.

Each decoy is meticulously detailed both by carving and wood burning, then sealed and painted with fine art acrylic gouache paints.

Hunting/working class decoys are either all wood or cork bodied with wood heads. Each bird is painted realistically.

I normally have a bird or two available and will gladly accept commissions. Please call or write for details.

Green Wing Drake Decorative

$1200 — SOLD

Canvasback Hen Decorative

$1800 — SOLD

Green Winged Teal Working Pair

$400 — SOLD

Canvasback Working Decoy


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